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Model of Psychotherapy

As a registered psychotherapist, Tina’s model of psychotherapy is centred around acceptance, genuineness and empathy.  She is client centred and desires that her clients experience a safe and warm place where they can process their issues in a non-judgmental setting.  Tina believes in her clients own abilities and strengths and knows that there is hope for everyone.  Despite our backgrounds and experiences, Tina believes that each of us has a choice of how we will move forward in our lives.  Often, in therapy, we are able to find the courage to make those choices and the determination to not give up until we reach our goal of health and wellness.


Areas of Tina’s practice have included, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, prenatal and postpartum issues, stress and time management, anger management, marriage & relationships, women’s issues, career, self-esteem and other life transitional issues. Some of these areas are outlined below.

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Grief And Loss

Every person experiences and works through grief and loss differently.  There is no “right” way to grieve and it is important to respect each other’s way as we face issues of grief and loss.  As a therapist, Tina comes alongside of her client and endeavours to walk with them through this difficult journey.  She strives to demonstrate compassion, support, empathy and gently help them to process the loss they are experiencing.  It’s important to know that we will never “get over” our loss, and it becomes a cherished part of our lives and who we are.  However, we can learn to face our loss and continue to find hope and healing in the present and future.


Depression is a very real and difficult part of many of our lives.  The reasons behind our depression may be situational, experiential and/or physical; but regardless of the cause, there is hope for those living within the dark walls of depression.  Often working in partnership with the client’s physician, we develop a plan of action.  It is important to look at depression holistically and discern the root cause; whether it’s physical or emotional/experiential/situational.  Clients will be guided to explore these areas and gently challenged to begin to make steps to health and healing.


Today, like never before, our lives are smothered in extreme levels of stress.  While stress can actually be a healthy feeling that can spur us on and be an effective tool of growth, too much stress can be detrimental to us both emotionally and physically.  We are not made to function well under large amounts of stress for an ongoing amount of time.  Tina works with her clients to identify the stressors in their lives, discern how these stressors are inhibiting living a healthy life and create avenues and structure for change and balance.

Anger Management

In a society where stress can be overwhelming and life can seem to be spinning out of control, many of us can struggle with managing our emotional responses in certain situations.  Tina works with you to identify your triggers and assist you in developing healthy and genuine responses to overwhelming experiences.  Anger is not an emotion that should be suppressed, rather one that is important to acknowledge and have the ability to express in an appropriate and authentic way.


Couple Psychotherapy

A healthy relationship involves honest communication, understanding, other-centredness, ongoing investment and hard work.  Tina assists couples in enriching their relationship strengths and helping them discern and tackle the growth areas that are hindering a fantastic relationship.

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